Ramadan Special 10 lbs

(10 customer reviews)


A mixture of jumbo and large Medjools.


Our finest grade
-Tight skinned
-With fewer than 5% blemishes


-Mixed sizes
-Mostly tight skin
-Contains blemishes


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Weight10 lbs

10 reviews for Ramadan Special 10 lbs

  1. Melissa

    Fernandez dates are great. We have ordered from here for years and the quality and price is better than what we can get at stores locally in the Southeast. We have even shipped some to family working in Kuwait during Ramadan, as their were better quality then what they could find there.

  2. Katherine

    LOVE these dates!!!!!

  3. Patricia (verified owner)

    These are the best tasting dates and the price can’t be beat. Shipping is quick, I get a 10lb box of dates in two days delivered to my door. I can’t find any dates in Florida to compare. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves juicy, sweet dates.

  4. haniff badoolah (verified owner)

    The greatest dates. Love it. I highly recommend the Ramadaan Special.

  5. Rose (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased both medjool and barhi dates from this farm and they are simply the best! They have great customer service and we always come back to them for more. We love Fernandez Farms!!

  6. Josh Braak (verified owner)

    These are the BEST QUALITY Dates on the market!


    Never Cooked, Fully Plump Natural & Raw

  7. J.Gilman

    These are the best Medjool Dates I’ve ever had. I order a couple of boxes every year. Juicy, moist, large, and perfect. Medjools are the best dates and Fernandez are the best family to get them from.

  8. Luis (verified owner)

    The best quality high recommended

  9. Abdelaziz Benkhayat (verified owner)

    Best quality highly recommended

  10. Kathryn (verified owner)

    Excellent dates with fast shipping. Highly recommend!

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